E-mail Security

An e-mail gateway, spam filter and SMTP toolbox. Fits the most demanding customers thanks to virtually unlimited flexibility, scripting and full APIs for integration. In-line processing eliminates unnecessary configuration and ensures genuine messages are never lost.



Security Router

Firewalling, load balancing and routing software distribution based on OpenBSD. It’s fully IPv6 capable, has enterprise routing, made available as software for bare-metal or virtualization and hardware appliances.



Secure Load Balancer

Flexible and ready for the future. How about layer-3 IPv6-to-v4, scriptable checks, balancing of any IP protocol, SSL acceleration, zero-configuration clustering and OSPF routing?




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One, two and three. Go on, go for all of them;
E-mail gateway (SP)
Security router (SR)
Secure Load balancer (SLB)


Halon Security Leads E-mail Security For Enterprise and Hosting Providers, Supporting Google Compute Engine Customers

San Francisco, Calif., August 20th, 2014 – Halon Security, the technology leader in email security, routers and load balancers, today announced the next generation of Email Security for hosting providers and enterprise demanding clients. Halon Email Security […]

Halon Security Leads E-mail Security For Enterprise and Hosting Providers, Supporting Google Compute Engine Customers


Today we’re at Exertis CapTech Expo in Gothenburg

Make sure to visit our booth. It’s the one with the real authentic grass and the cloud-ish walls… We’ve got some prices to be won and some offers to be seen. Mattias and Ola are there […]

Today we’re at Exertis CapTech Expo in Gothenburg

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Many hosting and service providers, state agencies and corporations have discovered the benefits of Halon Security.
We proudly present a selection of companies that use and also commented on our products…

“We are extremely satisfied! With our old system based on only SpamAssassin, a typical customer received about 100 spam a day. Now, they rarely receive any spam at all.”

Anders Aleborg
CEO, Binero
Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes.
Allmänna Svenska Telefonaktiebolaget is listed on NASDAQ OMX since 2009 and was between 2007 and 2009 listed on First North. Sweden’s youngest carrier has become large, the fifth largest, and is growing.
“We are extremely satisfied! A typical customer could with our old solution, which was based on SpamAssassin, had to handle up to 100 spam messages a day. Now the same client, has at most one spam mail per day.” — Anders Aleborg, CEO
Mölndals Stad
Mölndal Municipality is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden, just south of Gothenburg.
“Halon is one of very few software developers that actually listen to, and care about, their customers” — Joaquim Homrighausen, CEO