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Halon Security is a prominent developer of e-mail security and firewalls. The company was founded in 2002 and known for its award-winning e-mail security solutions, which are used by large hosting providers, non-commercial and government organizations, municipalities and companies of all sizes. Protecting millions of users world-wide, Halon is known for its quality and excellence.

All product platforms are flexible and easy to integrate, with advanced scripting capabilities and unique open API, therefore Halons platform is an obvious solution for hosting providers and cloud services. Customers can choose from variety of deployment possibilities: products are available as hardware, software, virtual or hosted solutions.


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Testimonials and success stories

Many state agencies, companies and corporations have discovered the benefits of Halon Security. Below is a selection of companies that use, and commented on our products.
“We are extremely satisfied! A typical customer could with our old solution, which was based on SpamAssassin, had to handle up to 100 spam messages a day. Now the same client, has at most one spam mail per day.” — Anders Aleborg, CEO
“The combination of GlobalView and selective greylisting makes it extremely powerful. It is very robust and easy to follow the flow of emails. Halon crew is very friendly and knowledgeable to work with. Our VSP cluster work better than I thought it would do, very few problems. It is rare that I recommend a commercial product at all, but this deserves it, so I recommend it. Statistics during five months: 2 billion blocked spam, 10 million accepted email.” — Peter Magnusson
The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific region. APNIC provides number resource allocation and registration services that support the global operation of the Internet. It is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization whose members include Internet Service Providers, National Internet Registries, and similar organizations."
“Our objective is to offer the best server hosting, and therefore we always choose the best suppliers and products.” — Johan Hedlund
“There are many advantages. We now have one platform, a good user interface and scalability. With Halon VSP we do very little administration and maintenance, despite our large e-mail volumes. We couldn’t be more satisfied.” — Jonas Gustavsson, CEO
“We got a far better solution at a significantly lower price. We spend less time fighting spam than we used to.” — Stefan Aro
"Spil Games is a games publisher, entertaining over 170 million visitors to its sites each month."
“The VSP, it just works, no hassle.” — David Majchrzak
“Halon is one of very few software developers that actually listen to, and care about, their customers” — Joaquim Homrighausen, CEO
“By using Halon products, our customers receive the best mail service market has to offer.” — Göte Haluza, CEO.
“VSP deliver more than it promised, and also with style! Rarely do I see such good service and dedication!” — Holger Netterby
“Reduced spam to almost nothing. We are very happy with both performance and support!” — Leif Wenker
“We have used the VSP for exactly one year, and blocked our 1 millionth e-mail a few days ago, without having customers reporting one single incident where a genuine message was not delivered. It has also operated flawlessly with almost zero administration except some some updates.” — Anders Alavik
Mölndals Stad
Mölndal Municipality is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden, just south of Gothenburg.
Vara Kommun
Vara Municipality is located in the middle of Västergötland, with approximately 16 000 inhabitants.
Halmstad Municipality (Halmstads kommun) is a municipality in Halland County on the Swedish west coast, in which the city Halmstad is the seat.
Skövde Kommun
Skövde Municipality (Skövde kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Skövde.
Forsman Bodenfors
Forsman & Bodenfors is one of Sweden’s largest advertising companies, based in Gothenburg. They have win many prizes, for example Guldägget, D&AD, The One Show, Clio, Cannes Lions, Epica and Eurobest.
“We were looking for alternative solution, as our previous offering was difficult to manage and letting a significant amount of spam through. We invested in the Halon SX-150 firewall and the SPG-200 anti-spam appliance, and are extremely satisfied with these. Using this solution, only what we want get’s through; mail, no spam! …and no unwanted visitors” — Lars Backman
Swedish Biogas
“In each facility, we’ll use at least one Halon SX-60, sometimes as many as five depending on the prerequisites. The Halon SX-60 offers performance and functionality without costing a packet.” — Christian Strandberg

Internet  Border Technologies
“We have tested a large number of similar products and found that Halon is affordable, feature rich and reliable.” — CG Sänne
“We’ve almost forgotten the existence of spam.” — Andreas Mathiasson
Fine bands and artists have come to establish the Tambourine Studios AB as one of the most influential ones in Sweden.
Allmänna Svenska Telefonaktiebolaget is listed on NASDAQ OMX since 2009 and was between 2007 and 2009 listed on First North. Sweden’s youngest carrier has become large, the fifth largest, and is growing.
Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes.
Swedish Association of University Teachers, SULF, is the association for university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates. SULF, is a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco), whose members are professionals with university or college education.
Chalmers University of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology conducts research and offers education in technology, science, shipping and architecture with a sustainable future as its global vision. Chalmers is well-known for providing an effective environment for innovation and has eight priority areas of international significance – Built Environment, Energy, Information and Communication Technology, Life Science, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Production, and Transportation.
Västra Götalands Regionen
Region Västra Götaland is the democratically elected organisationwith just over 50,000 employees is one of Sweden’s biggest employers. VGR is charged with promoting growth and sustainable development and offering the region’s inhabitants good healthcare. In cooperation with the municipalities, trade and industry, the education sector, authorities and organisations, Region Västra Götaland supports and drives development for a good life in Västra Götaland.


Our vision is to be your first choice in IT security solutions.
Key values are openness, uncompromised flexibility, customer satisfaction and relentless pursuit of simplicity, scalability and elegance.

Management team

Halon Security consists of a group of very talented people with widely spread experience from different corners of the world. Our backbone; presenting Halon Management team.

Peter Falck
Peter Falck

CEO Halon Security AB


Peter Falck is one of two brothers who founded Halon Security in 1999. The company was then known as Skal Consulting Group, which later merged into the success of Halon Security AB.

Being a CEO not only means being on top of all facts and staying extremely focused, it also includes being able to see people. Listen, communicate and most of all care about your employees. Peter is one of those leaders.

We speak of transparency at Halon. We are not afraid to show you what we do, and to “pop the hood” on our state-of-the-art products. Peter believes that ‘straightforward’ and ‘trustworthy’ will get you far and that is what Halon Security strives for.

Peter also believes that it is important to dream. –“Never let go of your dreams, they are yours to keep and use your dreams to set goals. Like that – you will most likely reach them”, he says.

Anders Berggren
Anders Berggren



Anders Berggren is the very multidisciplinary CTO at Halon Security. He has mastered many roles and has worn a few hats since he enhanced the Management team at Halon, almost a decade ago. Starting off; he is a very talented programmer combined with a versatile marketer, a captivating lecturer and a driven project leader with proven track record. Anders is a team member you just cant be without.

We believe that Anders and his thrive to constantly work for progress and facilitation truly demonstrates what Halon Security Suite products are; simply top-notch. Thanks to him and our strong team of developers we, and our products are able to stay that way. He is a firm believer of open-source and has contributed to globally known projects such as OpenBSD and Linux.

We didn’t believe people like this really existed, until we met Anders Berggren.

Jonas Falck
Jonas Falck

CEO Halon Security Inc

Bay area, USA

Back in 1999 two brothers founded Halon Security and Jonas Falck is one of them. At that stage Halon was known as Skal Consulting Group, which later emerged into the success of Halon Security AB.

Jonas is a professional serial entrepreneur with a background from network engineering and product development. His experience evolves from more then 25 years of product management, programming and startups. He’s been in the field of the Network Security domain for over two decades and is, as everybody agrees an energetic, inspiration source and “a true tech savy security evangelist”.

Jonas is the CEO of Halon Security Inc and clearly – yearns for a challenge. With his remarkable background experience Jonas Falck is perfectly cut out for articulating customer needs and at the same time staying on top of daily operations which combines product development from both a technology perspective and business development.

Nina Offen
Nina Offen

PR Communication Manager


Nina has prior to her employment here with us held the position as PR & Marketing Manager at a Global Medical Simulation Company focusing on patient safety and preventing fatal errors. She has been part of the Special Event Department at a large Swedish Car Manufacturer and travelled the world to support them with both product knowledge and Event Management.

As you can hear Nina Offen has a wide experience in different fields and we are convinced she will take on this world of ours with the same dedication and focus as always. With a degree in journalism and PR and with her broad experience from facing media she is responsible for the future development of Halon Security’s Global PR and Communication strategy.

Per Stenman
Per Stenman

VP Business Development


Investment Management, Start ups, Venture Capitals Investments, Business Development (obviously) and a hell of an Entrepreneur – that’s our Per Stenman. With more then 10 years of experience within the field of his expertise, Per keep’s on impressing. Part from being the tremendous team player and dedicated Halonist, Per is an active Board Member at several companies and also a Venture Partner at Chalmers Innovation, Gothenburg.

So how does he cope with all these responsibilities? Well, he tells us he thrives on great challenges and the feeling of being part of dedicated teams. He is a structured and business orientated high-tech/nano-tech software guru and also a high-tech/nano-tech soccer fan (mostly Swedish football, but anything really works). So if you ever get the opportunity to visit Gothenburg, make sure to schedule a game of good old Gothenburg derby with Per, guiding you on who to cheer for.


We have gained a reputation of being exceptionally helpful and skilled in supporting and assisting customers; a tradition which we are truly proud of. Our developers are closely monitoring, participating in, and reflecting upon our support channels. The products’ licenses include phone and e-mail support, as we believe that a correct configuration is one of the most important security features.

Documentation of our products are available on our wiki and if you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Halon is hiring

We are always looking for inspiring and talented people. Are you one of them? Please find available positions listed below. If none on them applies; send us your CV and resumé anyway, and we’ll be in touch.

We are looking for:

Role: Sales Director
Location: US, CA (alt TX, IL, NC)
Description: Develop local market. Read more.